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The Power of Journaling

Your Story

Journaling has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, regulate anger, relieve intense emotions/trauma, enhance personal growth, problem solve, reduce stress, and more... In psychology, it is referred to formally as expressive writing. It is a powerful way to help organize thoughts and make sense out of the difficulties we face in life.

From a faith-based perspective, it is a beautiful way to practice listening to God and following His voice. Journaling can help us identify the voice of judgment, condemnation, and shame as opposed to the loving, compassionate, gentle voice of God. This is the greatest benefit of journaling- to help us return, again and again, to the reality of God's grace.


JOurnaling Prompts

Good journaling prompts help train us to focus on what's going right, how God is helping us, and the positive changes already taking place in our lives.


Contact Julie Rajnus for a list of journaling prompts to get you started on your faith and well-being journey.


There's literally nobody else in the world quite like you. You are a unique mix of strengths and weaknesses, all of which God will use to fulfill your purpose.  Please reach out if you need a little grace-coaching to remind you how important you are in this world, to God, and to those around you.

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